North Baptist Church - Ottawa, KS   

"Where Everyone Is Treated Like Family"


Our next Flint Hills Association Serve Day event will be in Ottawa, KS on June 23, 2018.

Serve Day is a One-Day opportunity for the churches in our Association to get together and shower a community with visible signs of God’s love.  This summer we’ll be working with the folks in the area of a new church plant,

The Light House in Pomona, KS and North Baptist Church in Ottawa, KS.

That's right, it's us! We "GET TO" host this years SERVE DAY.

So put a big circle around this date on your calendar and stay tuned as we’re still working out the details.  

If you’d like to be involved in the planning, contact our Nate Wood, our Serve Day Coordinator,

We will soon have a video that you can use to spread the word about this event in your church or small groups.

Below are some videos from previous years. 

Hope to see you there … we’ll save a rake for ya!