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North Baptist Church's history can be reflected in the third verse of the hymn:

Christ, from Whom All Blessings Flow

Move and actuate and guide,

Diverse gifts to each divide;

Placed according to thy will,

Let us all our work fulfill;

Move and Actuate and Guide

God's guidance has been evident in the life of North Baptist Church. In 1886, the First Baptist Church of Ottawa, Kansas, started a mission Sunday school in North Ottawa at the corner of Logan and Hickory. The mission grew until it became the Second Baptist Church in 1888. Six years later, the church name was changed to reflect its geographic location in the town: North Baptist Church. In addition, in 1894 a new church building was constructed at Red Jacket and Cedar Streets. Soon, the building was not large enough and in 1921, a gymnasium-educational building was built behind the church. Another move was forthcoming. Because the Ottawa Board of Education needed the property at Red Jacket and Cedar to build Lincoln Elementary School, the church purchased land for a new location. On July 7, 1949, North Baptist Church voted to purchase six lots at Wilson and Oak. The lots were home to overgrown weeds and a goat pasture, but became a sheepfold with the first worship service held in the basement fellowship hall on July 22, 1951.

Diverse Gifts to Each Divide

God has indeed granted many gifts to North Baptist Church. Through the Holy Spirit, God has equipped His congregation through home Bible studies and Sunday school classes. Over the years North Baptist has licensed several Ottawa University and Central Baptist Seminary students to preach. Through the passage of time, an early morning Easter service was started in 1977, followed with breakfast cooked by the men. The annual congregation-wide Thanksgiving dinner began in 1982. Through those same years, the church has been active in hospital visitation, Christmas Eve Service, and mission work. In addition, many volunteers serve our Lord by being a deacon, deaconess, trustee, serving on a committee in many other areas. Our church is blessed with people willing to serve.

Placed According to Thy Will

We believe every single person, and every single family, has been brought and placed here by God's will for His purpose. Our responsibility, then, is to love and nurture every one with the hope they are being formed into the image of Christ. Celebrate the unique gifts each of us bring to the church family.

Let Us All Our Work Fulfill

Just as the Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 4:7 about finishing his course, North Baptist Church has a course to complete. The purpose of this church shall be the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through worship, evangelism, spiritual growth, Christian education, Christian social concern, fellowship, and mission. We are disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. We must go until heaven returns, preach until all know, and work until He comes. We must reach our world for Jesus Christ. We must leave North Baptist Church in the same shape we found her. Nay, we must improve her according to God's will for the next generation to come, before He comes. And, come quickly Lord Jesus Christ from whom all blessings flow.

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