North Baptist Church - Ottawa, KS   

"Where Everyone Is Treated Like Family"

From the Pastor’s Desk – November/December 2017 

           Can you believe that this is the last newsletter of 2017? Where has the time went? There have been so many things that have happened throughout the course of this year, it's hard to narrow down what to put in the newsletter.

          One thing I know for sure "God is on the move - On the Move, Hallelujah!" For some that may be a song you hear on Christian radio today, but for us at North Baptist, this has become a way of life. God is definitely on the move and as He is revealing Himself to us, we can actually see that He has been in the process of "Moving us" for quite some time.

          Isaiah 43:19 NIV "See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland." You know, I've used that Scripture on many different occasions for many different things, but never to the point of what is taking place within our own Church Body.

          As we begin to move forward with the ministry opportunity that God has placed in our laps in Pomona, I really hope that you can see God's hand upon it - And that you'll get involved in some way. Each and every one of you play a very important part - a role if you will - in the life, not only in the life of North Baptist Church, but also in its ministries, such as the SBW, our NBC Youth Group, Free Food Fourth Friday and how we interact with our Missions that we support as a Church Body. It's not only our Missions, but our activities that are a part of our Ministries that God has placed upon the hearts of the people that He calls North Baptist Church.

         We will be closing soon on property in Pomona and that means we'll need help cleaning up and revamping the old Casey's store into a Church facility fit for a King - That's right, King Jesus! And to do that, we'll need your help, then as the ministry takes form, we'll need you to be a part of the Body that reaches out to a new community, sharing the love of Jesus to those who have been hurt, felt abandoned, or maybe have never known what the Love of Jesus Christ is all about. Exciting isn't it! It is to me and it should be to you. It's not every day that you have a Missions (Ministry) opportunity like this right in your own backyard. Well, you'll hear more about this as it all unfolds.

        And the good thing about the "New" Ministry opportunity in Pomona is that, North Baptist will continue to thrive and strive forward in the Ministries that you know and love just like we have in the past. As we close out this year, several things will be taking place, our Church-wide Thanksgiving meal together will take place on November 19th. Quarterly Business meeting will be held on December 3rd, following a pot-luck dinner. Children's Christmas program will be held on Sunday, December 17th. The Annual Christmas-Eve Candlelight Service will be held on December 24th at 6:00 pm. And if that's not enough - Don't forget to turn your clocks back when you go to bed on November 4th, because you get an extra hour of sleep on that Saturday night. The only bad part about that is it gets dark so early.

        Even though this year is coming to a close, God is doing a lot of things, so I don't want you to look at it as the end - But as a beginning (or a continuation) of what God is doing. And as I close out this newsletter, I want to quote a very good movie and a very popular song by the Newsboys - "God's Not Dead, He's Surely Alive!" Hey North Baptist, it's time to do what the very first line of that song says, "Let love explode and bring the dead to life!" It's time to let the Love of Christ explode within us and let Jesus bring life to our dead old bodies and bring the dead (those who don't know Jesus) to Life! - "God is on the move - On the Move, Hallelujah!"  My prayer is that each one of you will join me as we give the King of Glory all the praise He deserves!

Remember as a unified TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) we can do this.

             See ya, Sunday – if not before! 

It’s because of Him that we Serve,

Pastor Kim