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From the Pastor’s Desk – March/April 2020

           It’s time for the newsletter once again. The theme for this year, 2020, is John 20:20 (NIV) “After He said this, He showed them His hands and side. The disciples were overjoyed when they saw the Lord.” The goal for this year is to see Jesus in the things we do as a Church Body and as individuals. This year you are going to have ample opportunities to see Jesus and to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our world today. If you miss seeing Jesus and feeling His presence this year, it will definitely be because you are not looking, not knowing where to look or not knowing how to look. To tie this year together, I as your Pastor and the leadership of North Baptist, want you to grow in your relationship with Jesus, by feeling, seeing and experiencing His presence. This year 2020 is about having 20/20 vision in seeing Jesus and by seeing Jesus, allowing Him to transform your life.

          We will soon beginning a new Discipleship book called Disciples Path. Call it what you want, Sunday school, Small Groups, Cell Group, Family Group, Bible Study, Pit Crew, or maybe you even have another name for it – Whatever you call it, my desire as your Pastor is that everyone from North Baptist and The Light House will be involved with this is some way. As we begin this book, it may be things you already know and things you’ve already heard. I hope so. As we get going and digging deeper into the study, we will see how we can grow in our relationship with Christ and help others along the way. This will be one of the greatest things that we can achieve together this year and it will definitely help us all in seeing Jesus and being overjoyed when we do. Until we’ve completed the Disciples Path, we won’t be doing a separate Men’s & Women’s Bible Studies, this will take the place of those. The KNCSB are helping us purchase the books. The books will be about $16, but you are under no obligation to pay anything. If you would like to make a donation towards the books, you are more than welcome. All donations towards the books (if any) will go directly the KNCSB. 

         For you to see Jesus, you’ll have to be involved in what He’s doing from being a part of the Disciples Path study to being a part of His ministry. As you look around North Baptist, you can see Jesus on the move in many ways – Here’s a few ministry opportunities that you can get involved in through North Baptist: Free Food Fourth Friday, Birth of a Family, Mother/Daughter Banquet, Serve Day June 13th, VBS, Arkansas Missions Team July 8th – 12th, Trunk R’ Treat, Youth Group, the Worship Service and that’s just some of them. Here are a few of the ministry opportunities that you can get involved at The Light House: Free Food First Friday, After School Program, Pomona Food Pantry, VBS, and the Worship Service. You may not even know what all of these ministry opportunities are, that’s okay, if you’ll just ask me, I would be more than happy to tell you about the ministry opportunities that Jesus has placed in our care. It’s important to remember that we need servants of Jesus Christ just like you to step up, step in and Serve. One thing we all need to remember about Serving, is that it’s not about us, it’s about those we are Serving.

You may be the only Jesus that some people see throughout the day. If so, what kind of Jesus ae they seeing? Or, are they even seeing Him?

          If you can’t find a place to offer your services in ministry (Serve), I’m guessing, but maybe you’re the one not looking. The Lord has opened up a lot opportunities for us, now we need to fulfill what He’s called us too.

           The year 2020 is in full swing. We’ve reached the time of year where spring is in the air, and life is rejuvenating all of creation. I have been super busy trying to get our year (2020) set, established and up and going in the direction I feel Jesus is leading us. I have not made near as many visits to our Church family as I would like to, but I can see in the near future that even that will change. My busyness and the flu season are about over, so that means that Shelley & I will be back out on the streets, maybe even coming by to visit you.

           I’m going to close this newsletter the same way as the January/February 2020 newsletter. Don’t miss the chance to have a John 2020 encounter this year. It could and should change your life and the lives of those around you! God doesn’t call us to Himself to not Serve. God calls us to Himself so that we can Serve Him in the Ministries He provides. So, get involved – Serve – It’s life Changing.

           I’ll see ya Sunday – if not before!

It’s because of Him that we Serve,

Pastor Kim